Our brains simply consist of two main parts, left & right. Some humans use the left side more emphasising analytical, scientific and extra logic functions. Others tend to swift to the right side using their emotions, intuitions and creativity more often. As researchers’ quote

“Total mental fitness is the proactive balance among the interaction of analytical reasoning, social communication and creative thinking”

That’s why we have great rocket scientists who play wonderful music, inspiring artists as smart economists, analytical researchers who willingly become innovative novelists. Most humans combine both, the logic and the randomness, the rational and the holistic, analysis and subjectivity but in different percentages and various levels. So are fashion executives, and thus the field.

The spectacular field of fashion is as any other immense business. Executives, employees, entrepreneurs, marketers, manufacturers, designers, retailers, communicators and many members of this industry use both their left brain and right brain in different levels and with different focuses to perform maximum lateral thinking to reach total mental fitness resulting in viewing the big picture better!!

Yes, believe it or not, fashion IS a business, a global industrial business valued at 3 trillion dollars. It is NOT only glamorous and fabulous fun, It’s a full integrated functional business industry.

2 and more decades would say it all for Alagabany. A long history of extensive experience in fashion & retail industry. All the way from innovative personal styling to creating a full integrated marketing campaign for your brand and label. Creativity here wasn’t only art but also, science of budgeting, understanding body shapes, creating marketing campaigns, individuality of one’s ideas, stock management, comprehending colours, directing insane backstages, training on soft skills, choreographing diverted catwalks, pricing & promoting, photo shooting fresh faces, dressing celebrities and dealing with each and every single task with full dedication and effort to always aspire magnificent results.

Philosophy of consultancy is embraced from the main core significance to develop and excel in fashion & marketing thru the fascinating combination of the best of both worlds. The experienced background in retail industry, the business skills, the fine eye for fashion, the keeping on top of the latest trends and styles, coupled with marketing instructive and practical understanding, was definitely a winning combination.

“I constantly try to practise mental fitness through my life. Breaking habits, enjoying my work explorations, exploiting the network, socialising with the fashion haters, killing routine, instructing learners academically, modifying norms, studying languages, travelling for exposure, socialising with the trendy fresh blood and learning from the authentic and established. I love my job; it’s stimulating, pleasurable and extremely challenging. My mantra is “Get up, Dress up and Show up.” It’s an anti depressant and it will make you feel fantastic, confident and joyful.”

Ghadir xx


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